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:: 01-01-2008
Launching the new software of Pesticides Accounts and Inventory Control System. GREEN BELT VERSION 7.5  
~ Centralized Server Data Based Multi user access.
~ Six Exclusive Built in Modules.
:: 01-03-2007 Working in Maintenance workshop System for
   High Transportation Vehicles Management.
:: Launched the software of  Plywood Manufacturing Industry.
:: Launched the software of Pesticides Accounts and Inventory Control System. GREEN BELT VERSION 7.0  
~ Centralized Server Data Based Multi user access, Five
   Exclusive Built in Modules.

1. Financial Accounting.
   a:  Level wise Account Status
   b:  General Ledger
   c:  Level wise Detail A/C status
   d:  Cash Book
   e:  Bank Statement
   f:  Opening Balance
   g:  Profit & Loss Statement
   h:  Main Sheet
   i:   Policy wise Controlling
   j:  Trial Balance
   k:  Balance Sheet

Inventory Control System.
   a:  Purchase / Sale Inventory
   b:  Stock Inward.
   c:  Stock Transfer.
   d:  Store Management.
   e:  Party Transfer Controlling.
   f:   PR Collection

Production Management.
  a:  Company & Party Production.
  b:  Multiple Bulk Product Consumption.
  c:  Multiple Finish Item Transfers.
  d:  Multiple Packing Material Consumption.
  e:  Raw Material Controlling
  f:   Filling Plant Controlling
  g:  Shift Wise Controlling
  h:  Production Reports
  i:  Stock Management
  j:  Store Wise Stock Controlling

LC and Import Management.

5. Administration & Human Resource Management.
  a:  Category wise Employees Management.
  b:  Employees Salary & Expenses Management.
  c:  Category wise Vehicles Management.
  d:  Salary and Expense Sheet
  e:  Pay Roll System

~ All are Including Online and Real Time Transactions with
   their Regional Offices.
:: 01-09-2006 Working in Fertilizer Accounts & Inventory Control
   System and Recently we Launched the Software of Fertilizer
   Accounts and Inventory Control System.
:: Working in Textile, Ginning & Spinning Software.
:: Launched the Pet Bottle Plant Company Software.
:: Working in Pharmaceutical & Medical Libratory Software.
:: Deals in Hardware Repairing and Used Laptops
:: 01-03-2006 Launched the New Software of Hotel Management
:: 01-01-2006 Launched Hotel Sheza Inn website.
:: 01-06-2006 Launched Traveling Company Website.
:: Working in a large Area of Pakistan. Multan, Sahiwal, Okara,
   Khanewal, Rahim Yar Khan, Khan Pur, Lahore, Bahawalpur,
   Dera Ghazi Khan, Lar, Choti Zareen, Basti Malook, Vehari,
   Faisalabad, Peshawar.
:: Future Plan for computer best backup service using UPS.
:: Future Plan Vehicle Tracking Device, Software and Hardware.
:: 01-01-2005 New Version of GB 5 Launched.
:: 01-03-2005 Web Development Services By Genie Clique.
:: Comprehensive Software for Packaging Industry.
:: Software for Goods Import & Export.
:: 01-05-2005 Domain Registration & Hosting Services.

:: 10-04-2005 Launching National level Agriculture Website

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