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ERP Croporate Pesticide Accounts, Inventory, Import,
Management Information System Textile Inventory,Admin/HR,
Accounts,Production,Import & Export System
Genius Biometric Attendance System Biometric Attendance System
Farm Manager Farm Management System
GB (Green Belt) Pesticide Accounts, Inventory, Admin & HR Control System.
GA (Genius       Accountant) General Accounts System.
CAMS Computer & Mobile Accounts & Inventory System.
AS&R Army Selection & Recruitment Center.

Bus Reservation & Ticketing System

B Vehicles Procedure Maintenance workshop System for Army BA Vehicles.
Lurks Accounts & Inventory System for Spinning Mills.
  SVIS   Stolen/Snatched Vehicle Information System for Police Service Counter 15, Multan
  MTIS   Mini Goods Transportation Information System in Urdu


HOPEMAN   Hotel Operation Management
Hotel Inventory Control Reservation
Hotel Services and Total Food Control System 

CORPMAN   Corporation Management
Installment Base Inventory Control System
  CCI Communication
Cards Inventory

Communication Cards Sale Accounting  & Inventory Control System.
  SMS Utility Store Management Service including BARCODE printing. 

FAICS Fertilizer Accounts
and Inventory Control System.
  MAICS Medical Accounts
and Inventory Control System.
Pharmaceutical Special